Domestic abuse knows no ethnic and socio-economic boundaries

Acid heist

By Ricky Riley | The Champion Newspaper

Rainey Allison Karr and her boyfriend were hosting a celebratory get together with some friends. Karr was cooking the food. When she finished, her partner wanted something different than what she had prepared but Karr refused to cook anything else. Out of anger, he grabbed a cast iron skillet full of hot grease from the stove and threw it at her.

The handle hit Karr in the mouth, knocking out a few teeth. The hot grease splashed on her torso area and left a burn on her stomach. Her friends stepped in and saved her from further abuse that night.

That was six months ago.

To keep away from her attacker, Karr, 32 at the time, stayed in safe houses for five months provided by the Partnership against Domestic Violence (PADV) in Fulton County and Women’s Resource Center for Domestic Violence (WRCDV) in…

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