Summer 2013 and the Creativity Process


People are not stupid. Even though Grown Ups 2 and Despicable Me 2 out-grossed Pacific Rim, doesn’t mean that people are stupid. It just means that people don’t like to try things that are different. The problem is that if people had to choose between trying something new and something that they know works, they choose what they are accustomed to. This isn’t a new idea but it could be if we look at it differently. Pacific Rim is not an original concept. It is just not a popular concept as Adam Sandler or a mediocre kid’s film. A giant robot fighting a giant monster is not a revolutionary concept. The amount of violence used to fight off the monsters should be enough to sell tickets but in the end it just wasn’t. That is why a corporation agreed to green-lit the production in the first place. The problem lies with the standards of people, family fun time and so called smart people that criticize everything but make nothing. All forms of entertainment can’t be thought-provoking, philosophical masterworks. Sometimes it has to be stupid and right on the nose like many of Adam Sandler’s films. These bad works make us appreciate the good pieces of entertainment that we hold as masterpieces. There needs to be a Transformers movie for every District 9.

People know exactly what to expect. People like predictability and certainty in all phases of their lives; and movies are no different. If you find a restaurant that serves the best hot wings in the city, you will continue to go there. You don’t need to try and find a new restaurant because then you have to figure out the menu, the prices, and serving sizes. New things require more time to get invested in and corporations know that people just don’t have that time and don’t want to put in that effort. That is why we get the same repackaged crap. So if we want different and better things we have to stop buying SHIT but that won’t happen.

I don’t care about the quality of new products. I only care if new products exist and that is what makes me different from so call intellectual critics that believe that all entertainment has to be perfect.

Critics are not valuable unless they criticize things they like and if they are artists in that respective field. What I mean is that film makers should criticizes films that are similar to films that they have made. If you like and make sci-fi films; review them. The fallacy comes in when the artist believes that he/she can make it better than the artist’s work he/she is criticizing. Art is personal. Art reflects the Artist. With all of that, I believe that Corporations are vital to artists today. Without Youtube many independent artists would be irrelevant. Think about that for a minute. Corporations help spread ideas and help fund visionary projects. Without Fox, there would be no Star Wars. Without New Line Cinema, there would be no Lord of the Rings films.

In conclusion, I want people to look at the big picture. Corporations are God. They create everything we like, eat, wear, drink, drive, live in, and that is never going to change.  Artists should like to work with a corporation. People should also support new ideas to keep artists interested in working with corporations.

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