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American Gods is ‘Get Out’ on Acid, Coke and PCP

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I won’t go over the plot points of Jordan Peele’s breakout smash-hit Get Out because everyone has seen it and it’s old news at this point. But for me— and for this piece— the film’s only plot point of concern is Chris’ inevitability to escape a world of mostly white people who want to use him for sinister gain. The similarities between Shadow Moon and Chris are clear as day. They are two powerless black men surrounded by much more powerful white people with far greater agency and resources.

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In Shadow Moon’s case, he likes not having agency and not being in control of his own life. Chris, on the other hand, wants love and companionship after his mother dies in a car accident early in his life. He seeks out some companionship in the form of Rose Armitage that ultimately leads to his peculiar situation in the film.

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Mr. World

American Gods don’t reveal why Shadow Moon sticks around after things get weird and unusual. In 5 episodes, Shadow Moon has been sent jail/prison twice, lynched by Technical Boy, used by multiple people, threaten to be murdered by the god Chernobog and he still sticks around.

The latest episode entitled “Lemon Scented You,” Shadow reconnects with his white dead wife who has come back from the afterlife. Laura Moon is the reason Shadow gets sent to prison and she died while giving her neighbor a blowjob while driving to a surprise party for Shadow. To be clear Laura did the following:

Convinced Shadow to rob a casino.

 Gets him arrested.

Admits to not really loving him. Calls him a puppy.


Dies giving a bj.

Comes back in Shadow’s life because he is the only person that makes her feel alive.

Additionally, this episode introduces Mr. World one of many white gods in the show. Mr. World, Technical Boy, and Media are the new gods and are responsible for breaking Mr. Wednesday also know as Odin and Shadow out of prison. I believe Mr. Nancy, also known as Anansi, helped free Odin. Technical Boy apologized for the failed lynching. This after the new gods gave the tip that led to Shadow’s arrest.

At this point, every white character in the show has turned his life into a nightmare. His zombified wife is a stalker now. He is in the middle of a war between new and old gods. And he can’t escape. Odin recruited a leprechaun named Mad Sweeney to coerce Shadow to work for him. The gods continue to commune with Shadow and bring in deeper into their strange world. This is done without his consent primarily because they want him for some purpose.

Honestly, I don’t believe Shadow wants to get out. He likes this strangeness.

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